Sunday, November 21, 2010

What's the Plan?

So I've covered all the bases as to 'why a coop?' and more importantly, 'why a community enterprise?'....but have i talked about the vision?
It never hurts to have a big vision, I reckon. An all encompassing, 'change the world' type of vision. Google went with 'let's organise all the world's information'. That's a big 'un. And they have changed the world. Not that Google has done anything to add to the world's information; though it could be argued that Google have increased the supply of information. In a relatively egalitarian way, I suppose, too.
When it comes to a vision for the SourdoughBaker Coop, the idea of 'small vision' was in my mind from the get go. 'Let's build a community enterprise which builds a community' was at the forefront of my thinking. My expertise is, of course, sourdough breadmaking, and building bakeries. At their best, bakeries act as a 'treat centre' for the whole community, as well as a place to buy quality staple food - well made bread and the like.
Add to this the element of a meeting place - a cafe - and you have something which cuts across lots of boundaries. We have professionals and students, musicians and circus performers, intellectuals and tradies, mums, dads, kids, dogs, cyclists, streetwalkers - in fact, a menagerie of inner city Newcastle life - all rubbing shoulders and all equal under the same roof.
What better way to introduce a community to itself!

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